Clothes for Stove-Setters

It goes without saying that Kim often looks like a dirty sparrow after sweeping stacks. But it is not him to complain. He changes his chemical protective underwear gaily and puts on neat clothes purchased online by his thoughtful mother. Kim is not scared of falling ill - his underwear is impregnated with special ingredients that prevent any bad bacteria from penetrating into the cells of his skin. His friends are joking that sometimes he resembles a black cat after climbing out of the stack. However, Kim is not upset - he has a good answer. He would reply that he was like a bird soaring over London and watching the life of the huge city. Nobody could do that - people are frightened of the height. He never does.

His mother is a shop assistant and she always knows what to buy online for her dear son. Clothes are various and it is difficult to choose the right one in our days. Kim is lucky to have such a smart woman as his Mom. Buy the way, it was she who had found chemical protective underwear for Kim. She raised him alone - her husband was caught into a car accident and died. Kim appeared to be an obedient kid and tried to help his mother with all his best as if he could understand her state. He was never a sassy boy like his friend Mike, for example. As for Mike, he changes his clothes three times a day and annoys his mother with bad behavior. Kim is happy to have a job and is not going to move into a different position. The main idea is that he is always in good spirits and lives in today's day sweeping and cleaning stacks in London.